Top Presidential Election Ads

(and how much they spent on ads)

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Biden spent $8M on Facebook ads in the last 90 days. Trump spent just about $1M in the same period.

That’s why today we’ll look at some of their ads to see what they’re using to get votes.

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#1 Joe Biden - Iphone Note

Even J. Biden's team utilizes some iPhone note ads. This ad is pretty simple and actually can be significantly improved. For example, I still don’t understand why I should be donating earlier than later.

#2 Using others

Why it works:

  • One of the best things you can do is to get someone people already love to vouch for you. This ad shows this principle in practice.

#3 J. Biden - Asking for more

Why it works:

  • The highest LTV customers are more likely to make you more money. Same with donations, that’s why targeting people that already donated, and asking for more is a good idea. (or does Joe’s team just tell it to everyone?)

#4 Giveaway

Why it works:

  • If you’re a fan of Trump, you’re donating anyway but that extra incentive gives you that needed push.

#5 R. F. Kennedy - “Almost there”

Why it works:

  • Most people think there are only two candidates that are going to win. So they must pick one or not vote at all… This ad does a brilliant job of changing their minds by showing that there’s still a chance for another candidate to win by emphasizing a piece of the statistic.

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