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I created this newsletter as a database of some of the best ad swipes, so you can always come back and find and get inspired by winning ads.

One good part about humans is it takes hundreds of years for them to change, and that’s why some ads that worked 50 years ago, still work today. So even a year from now, you can come back and swipe some ads as long as you stay subscribed.

The other good thing is, we can learn from other industries and implement the learnings in our industry.

And today, we’ll be learning from some of the best ads for consumer mobile apps.

#1 Paired

Why it works:

  • It doesn’t look like an ad

  • It tells a relatable story.

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Here’s their strategy that you can rip:

  1. Start with any of your company’s video assets, like a webinar

  2. Upload it to OpusClip, and the AI will cut it into clips with branded captions, B-Roll, and more

  3. Use OpusClip’s social media scheduler to queue 2-3 clips per day.

  4. Repeat 1 → 3

#2 Copilot

Why it works:

  • The hook will definitely get attention of the Apple Card users.

  • The UGC creator feels genuine.

  • It shows how the app works.

How to improve:

  • I’d change the hook to something relatable to most people because a lot of people don’t use Apple cards but they still need the benefits of this app.

  • It feels like the value proposition is not explained clearly.

  • Would be great if this ad demonstrated why it’s better than other similar apps.

#3 Peanut App

Why it works:

  • It touches on the “pregnancy loneliness” pain point.

  • It qualifies the audience in the hook + creative.

How to improve:

  • I’d add text before fruit emojis otherwise it’s confusing.

#4 Nibble

Why it works:

  • Calls out everyone who’s looking at the ad because everyone is scrolling.

  • Tells them what to do step-by-step to learn history.

#5 Job Swipe

Why it works:

  • This is a very simple ad with a hook + product demo + testimonial + CTA structure.

How to improve:

  • I’d include more testimonials from different people.

#6 The Headset App

Why it works:

  • It’s a carousel ad, which is not typically for apps. That’s why you should test different ad types too.

  • Clearly “competitive edge is what they want”. I’d say it’s pretty vague but it works.

  • Carousel images show baseball pictures, which are contextually relevant to the target audience.

#7 Mistplay

Why it works:

  • Features a content creator which makes it feel like it’s a video review, not an ad.

  • It shows them what they get: “gift cards”.

  • It shows how the app works.

  • It gives them an extra incentive to sign up bonus at the end.

How to improve:

  • It goes too fast into the call to action stage. I’d mention it after they understand what they get.

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