Top 7 B2B SaaS creatives you need to know about right now

And the hidden principles on why they convert like crazy

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Over the last 30 days, I’ve collected some fire creatives for you to steal and crush your quarterly goals. Enjoy!

#1 “Show the numbers ” by Typeform

Why it works:

  • They know what their audience wants.

  • They give them what they want (the data).

  • This way you can attract the right buyers, get their email, and sell to them.

#2 “Talk to Me “ By Roofr

Why it works:

  • Talks directly to the target audience.

  • Shows the demo.

  • Shows tons of social proof.

  • Soft call to action.

How to improve:

  • Replace the logo at the beginning of the video with an outcome-driven message. (what they want)

  • Address common pain points of other CRMs roofers use.

#3 Dream outcome - by Shopify

Why it works:

  • Hook with the dream outcome in action.

  • They hired Mr Beast. Leads to more trust.

How to improve:

  • Add more proof that anyone can do it(not just Mr beast)

#4 Guide/Checklist - by BambooHr

Why it works:

  • Calls out their ideal customer profile.

  • Gives them what they want in exchange for their contact info.

How to improve:

  • Add “Step-by-Step” to the text.

  • Test adding “free” language.

simple.aiThe Magic of AI Made Simple For Mere Mortals

#5 Comics Style - by Agent CRM

Why it works:

  • Comics style

  • Talks to the desire to remove monotonous work.

How to improve:

  • Make the font more readable

#6 Lead magnet - by BidSketch

Why it works:

  • Gives their end-user what they want in exchange for their contact info.

How to improve:

  • Add “Flll-in-blanks” to the name.

#7 Need help? - by Infinity

Why it works:

  • Hooks people in with a great lead magnet.

  • The landing page educates on how it works.

How to improve:

  • Remove distractions from the landing page

- Andy

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