Top 7 Campaigns In The Public Health

And how they changed the world

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Top 7 Ad Campaigns In The Public Health

Advertising is about changing minds and lives. Sometimes people know about their problems, sometimes they don’t…

And when they want to solve their problems they give other people money to help them solve them. And they do that because they feel the money is worth less than the result of solving the problem.

When it comes to government, we vote for people to whom we can give our money via taxes to solve our problems and fulfill our needs.

One part of these needs is ensuring our safety and wellness.

So today we’ll go over some ads aiming to change people’s minds and lives for their own good.

#1 Give Up Smoking For Your PP.

  • There’s only one sure way to convince men to quit smoking. After going over a dozen anti-smoking ads, this is the only one I found that would work for men.

  • But it could still be much better…

    • I’d change the word “penis” to something more common slang way for penis.

    • The small text could be shortened to still communicate the important message to increase the chances of men reading it.

#2 Anti Drive & Drink

The idea is simple and reminds everyone that after one drives no one, but by driving under the influence, you may end up driving a different car than you wanted.

#3 Anti-obesity POV

Storytelling is more powerful than listing all the facts. With a strong and relatable story, consuming any content is much easier and more pleasant.

This video does a great job of showing exactly how this person ended up on the operating table.

It shows some moments of a doctor talking to his mom. And since mothers care about the safety of their kids, it should strongly resonate with them.

#4 Anti Flu

  • Kids want 2 things:

    • Not to be perceived or called “kids”.

    • Be like their favorite heroes.

  • So the best way to influence kids is to find who their hero is and show them that their superhero does it. And they can be like that too if they do XYZ.

  • This ad almost does it well. But it shows a kid in a superhero costume. A better way would be just to show the superhero. And say “A flu shot gives Superman a superhero ability”.

#5 Sunburn

This is a classic 1969 before-and-after print ad.

#6 Mental Health Awareness

This hard-hitting ad provides us with awareness sometimes people who look happy on the outside are battling something inside.

People in this video seem very happy but on the inside…

#7 You are beautiful

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