Top 6 Real Estate Facebook Ads Swipes

(And why they convert like crazy)

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Top 6 Real Estate Ads Swipes

Today I’ll be sharing with you some of the best ads I’ve collected in the real estate industry.

#1 A generous cash offer

  • Landing page: Meta Form.

  • Active for 67+ days.

Why it works:

  • The copy is specific to the audience in the area.

  • Creative shows the area + house prices implying they can get a similar offer.

  • Promises an instant “generous offer”.

  • Removes all objections.

But what’s even better than this ad?

#2 Get the Valuation

  • Landing page: Facebook ads form.

  • Active for 230 days.

Why it crushed:

  • This ad is even better than the ad above because it doesn’t directly pitch people to buy their house. This means it targets a much much broader market of people who just want to know the value…

  • That means they won’t sell today but at least when they’re ready to sell, they know what your offer is and they’re more likely to call you.

#3 We’ll Buy It Back

  • Landing Page: Facebook Forms.

  • Active for 39 days.

Why it works:

  • It’s free to look at the hotlist.

  • The list is “hot” implying its novelty.

  • Under $300k makes it more accessible for most people.

  • “distressed sales” implies a good deal.

  • Offers a guarantee "We’ll buy it back in 18 months if you don’t like it”. (I like that asterisk there though)

  • Removes objections. “no obligation to buy”.,

How I can help:

  • Spending over 10k/mo on Facebook? I’ll personally do a complete account and funnel audit for free (limited to 4/mo). Click here to start

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