Top 4 creatives with 250k+ in spend

(And why they convert like crazy)

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Top 4 creatives with over 250k in spend

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve collected some good creative examples that you can steal and crush your revenue goals. Enjoy!

#1 Podcast story 

Why it crushed:

  • Podcast style.

  • The hook reaffirms a common belief.

  • Quiz funnel.

To make it even better, I would:

  • Test removing the B-rolls from this creative to make it feel more organic.


#2 Product demo

Why it crushed:

  • The hook does 2 things: 1) calls out the problem, and 2) hints that there’s a solution.

  • Demonstrates the product from any angle.

#3 Test results

Why it crushed:

  • A different hook without any words that makes people pay attention.

  • Short creative that potentially makes people re-watch it, driving CPMs down.

Why it crushed:

  • Attention-grabbing opening line.

  • Thorough explanation of why the Noom app can be helpful in achieving their goals.

  • Use of personal experience to add credibility.

  • Simple and straightforward language.

  • Specific and concrete examples are given.

  • Use of visuals to illustrate the app's features and educate the audience.

  • Clear CTA at the end.

To make it even better, I would

  • Including more diverse examples and references to showcase the inclusivity of the app.

  • Provide some statistics or scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of the app.

  • Using doctors to add authority.

- Andy

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