Top 3 Product Demo Ads - Part 1 (ecommerce)

(And why they convert like crazy)

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Product Demo ads

As much as you can try to paint pictures in your prospect’s brains of how the product works, nothing beats actually showing how the product works.

…because the actual demonstration allows the customers to experience the product, see that it’s real (which immediately increases trust ), and imagine how it’s going to benefit their lives.

So today we’ll go over some ads that also include product demos. It’s something you can include in your ads and most importantly on your page. Most people won’t watch the whole ad but some will and it will be helpful for you to increase conversion rates.

#1 Babies. Just babies

Why it works:

  • Nobody likes being sold it, and the creator of the ad understands that. She indirectly tells you why Pampers is a better product than others.

  • Multiple layers make it work: the comparison between the product and other products, the subtle emotional connection with the brand, and the ad's indirect and organic nature(a vlog format).

#2 Blackheads

Why it works:

  • It has a fantastic thumbnail that catches your attention instantly.

  • Amazing copy that outlines the pain points, objections, benefits, and handles buyer remorse as there is a risk reversal for the customers if they don’t like the purchase.

  • Shows you with a live demonstration of how the products work.

#3 Dark circles & fine lines solution

Why it works:

  • It highlights the struggles of those with skin issues and shares her personal journey of how the product helped her with her own skin difficulties.

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