Top 3 Funny Ads and Why They Work

And the secret mechanism that makes them work

Why Funny Ads Work

What’s your favorite movie? I would bet that movie made you feel something. Whether it made you laugh, cry, thrilled, or scared… it generated some sort of emotion.

As you might know, studies have proven that ALL HUMANS make decisions with emotions.

This means if marketing content doesn’t generate emotions, it won’t work.

Because to buy something, you often have to feel and experience what it’s like to own it.

Funny ads do generate emotions but they often work because there are additional mechanisms behind them…

First, they don’t look like ads, and they make people consume the content learning about your stuff and your core message.

And when it comes to Facebook ads, there’s an additional mechanism that helps make them work even better. This mechanism is VIRALITY aka people sharing content.

It works because people love sharing memes and funny content with their friends

And the more people share content, the cheaper ads become because Meta just like other platforms wants to keep users happy and make popular ads cheaper.

I love collecting all sorts of ads. And over the last few weeks, I collected a few funny ads worth checking out. So let’s dive in.

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#1 “I Ship My Pants” - say it out loud.

Why it works: just watch it and see if you don’t have an urge to share it with your friends.

#2 Happy birthday

Why it works: Sells controversy but in a fun and comical way.

#3 This ad is about parking

Why it works: it makes you put yourself in the shoes of others in a creative manner without actually telling you that directly.

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- Andy

P.S. Next Tuesday, I’ll send you even more hilarious ads. So stay tuned!

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