Street Interview Ads

Alright, so you know how some of the best-performing ads actually don’t like an advertisement, right?

And that’s one of the biggest reasons street interview ads work so well.

People are used to seeing street interviews lately on social media as organic content (including me), so ads like that nicely blend in.

Another reason why street interviews work so well for us is that we feel like we don’t get raw, unfiltered opinions from normal people just like us on the streets.

I was able to find one good example to show you. And one bad example of what they look like.

#1 Good example: “From Netflix”

This ad feels super genuine. I could see that it could be super appealing to men because they interview a pretty woman who does much better than most of them.

And of course, the offer is pretty good “guaranteed employment”. I am sure this sneaky video is crushing for them!

#2 Bad example: “Most embarrassing thing”

This one doesn’t feel genuine. And that’s the biggest problem with it. It feels scripted and rehearsed. The first time she answers, she doesn’t think or even pretend to think what to say.

Even with these potential improvements, it still worked okay for Grammarly based on how much they spent on it.

P.S. I really like the product demo they showed there. It’s definitely something to learn from.

Let me know how you liked this one, so I can curate content for you better

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P.S. I am trying to avoid words like “ads” or any other trigger words because Google sends this email straight into promotions:)

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