The REAL Reason These Creatives Crush it

(It's not what you think)

Do you know the real reason some creatives work and some don’t?

It’s because the winning creatives use hooks like “the real reason of (problem XYZ) is…”

Well, it’s just one out of 59621 reasons, and unfortunately, we can’t fit all of them into one newsletter…

But we can focus on one creative type today… And break it down…

So here it is(you can click on the video to watch it):

Why it works:

There are two main reasons it works so well:

  1. “The real reason” offers them a payoff. This, in turn, increases watch retention and lowers ad costs because Facebook sees it as engagement.

  2. I am sure many people don’t see it as an ad and instead see it as a useful informational video, which might mean, they’d share it with their friends too.

  3. “The real reason” implies a secret/hidden information that they might not know of. And if they experience a problem, they’d better know what it is. So those who have the problem, can’t help but watch the video.

That’s it! Feel free to implement this trick in your campaigns.

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