Leaked: 8 Top 2024 Newsletter Creatives

And hidden reasons that make them work

Good morning! Today, you’re going to get some of the best-performing newsletter ads I’ve collected over the last 3 months.

#1 Thumbstop

Why it works:

  • Creative featuring a celebrity in the DTC marketing space.

  • Weird creative style with some stickers.

How to improve:

  • Vague hook. What does “supercharge” exactly mean? I’d make it more specific.

  • The ad doesn’t explain if the newsletter is free. I’d add that

  • No specificity in terms of numbers. I’d add how much money those “elite” media buyers generated.

Why it crushed:

  • Qualifies for the ideal audience.

  • Gives step-by-step instructions on how to get the outcome.

  • Adds a sweetener - a bonus.

Why it crushed:

  • Qualifies for the ideal and broad audience of “DIY investors”.

  • Explain a value prop in a specific and short way “Market, Stock, ETF news in 3 minutes/day”.

  • Has a giant call to action.

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