Top 3 Local Lead Gen Ads

(And how to make them convert like crazy)

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How to create converting Facebook ads for local businesses:

When it comes to lead gen ads, apart from making great creatives, it is very important to have a good lead qualification process and post-click nurturing process.

Lead qualification can and needs to be done first and foremost on the creative level. The ad has to either call out or speak to the pain points of your ideal customer profile.

You can also put questions on your form to only count each conversion if the form answers match your qualified lead criteria.

The lead nurturing process happens after the lead is captured. Here are a few things that’ll help you convert leads faster:

  1. How soon they are contacted: if someone is looking to fix an urgent problem (aka the highest conversion customers), they will go with other solutions if they reach out to them faster. So it’s very important you call, email, or voice message them as soon as the lead is captured.

  2. Touchpoints with relevant data. Some people need more touchpoints to make a decision. Different people have different needs, timelines, and conversion criteria. So you have to include a few things in your process to convert them:

    1. Lead with value. (free on-site audit, $1,000 off etc)

    2. Tell them why you’re much better than other alternatives.

    3. Mention all things that are important to them, even if your competitors have them.

    4. Give testimonials and proof of work.

In this article, we’ll go over some winning local lead gen creative examples, and if you’d like to experience their funnel, you can opt-in:)

#1 For saturated markets: Competitor repositioning based on what ads they are running

Why it works: If you’re in the market, you’ve probably been hit by so many of the solar ads. This ad repositions itself as different. And converts people that weren’t converted by the ads before. It’s a great ad when your market is saturated and you know what offers they are pushing.

#2 Testimonial

Why it works: It immediately qualifies people in the area and then gives them a really good offer.

One more thing to consider with these local lead gen ads is that you often have to generate intent for your service. So, having/testing exclusive offers is very important so that you can also put the “not today but sometime later” leads into your ecosystem. Here’s one example:

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