Conversation With Friends Creatives

Conversation With Friends Creatives

Do you have friends that cheer you up?

Maybe you went out for food, texted, or called them when there was a problem…. or maybe you’ve complained to them about something about yourself to get that external validation and not feel left out.

Now, most of your customers would have friends like that unless you’re selling to prisoners in solitary confinement...

And that’s where “Conversation with a friend” creatives come in.

Simply, it’s a type of creative that re-plays a familiar scenario in a familiar setting with their friend/s.

For guys over 35, it could be getting a beer together at a bar.

For younger guys, it could be playing games with their friends or complaining on Reddit.

For moms, it could be talking to other moms in school or kindergarten.

The “scene setting” is important because it will seem familiar and safe to them.

Basically, you just want to start the creative with a problem they complain about.

And their friend/s would give a solution to that problem.

And that’s where your product comes in.

Now here are a few examples for you:

#2 iPhone conversation

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