7 Ways To Do “Before And After” Ads

(And Why They Convert Like Crazy)

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7 Ways To Do “Before And After” Ads

“Before/After” is a well-known marketing ad type that originates from the fitness industry.

The main idea here is to show the expected result. Unfortunately, Facebook ads policies are extremely strict, and “before and after” ads aren't permitted:

Luckily, there are workarounds to use these ads without them getting rejected. And that's what you’ll learn today… but only if you promise to not tell Mark Zuckerberg.

Now, there's the "Old vs New" trick, the legal version of before/after. By using bullets and proper coloring (green for positive, grey or red for negative), you create a perfect ad. This ad has been live for over 500 days, proving its evergreen concept.


To see the full ad, go here 

Here's another technique from the beauty niche: the main trick is to show the before/after effect in one image, making this image seem regular to Facebook’s image recognition AI.


To see the full ad, go here 

Another legal technique we call "The process" involves showing the working process of the product month by month.


To see the full ad, go here 

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