6 "Red Flags" of what makes these ads work

they didn't want me to reveal this but...

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Red Flags Ads

Why do they work? Especially on women.

You see, women use “red flags” a lot in their everyday lives.

They always seek “red flags” in food, partners, and generally their environment.

Red flags are early signs of a bigger problem. So knowing about red flags is essential to keep them away from those potentially dangerous situations.

So when we use “red flags” in direct response, women irresistibly pay attention. And that’s why it’s so powerful.

Let me give you an example of how they look.

#1 Bras

#2 Supplements (advertorial funnel)

#3 Mental Health App (quiz funnel)

The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

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  1. Grab your company's existing video assets, like interviews or webinars

  2. Generate dozens of clips using OpusClip

  3. Schedule your whole month’s worth of video clips on LI using our new Calendar feature

  4. Reply to comments on your videos to foster your new connections

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#4 Koala relief

#5 Shroom Coffee

#6 Shampoo

And that’s it for today.

P.S. These are just examples from the internet and they can be significantly improved. If you followed along, you would know what I am talking about. If not, stay subbed and we’ll cover all of the things most advertisers are missing that lead them to fail.

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